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1) The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand;

2) Artistry

What I Do

I complete your Catio Dream Team:

You, perhaps your Partner or Spouse, and your Cat(s). Together, we’ll all have a paw in it throughout the process.

My role? Listen to your wants and needs - while offering considerations and maybe some options un-thought of - and then transforming your vision into reality.

Catio Craftsman Building Catio Ramp.jpg

Who I Am

Cat Lover. Dogs are pretty cool too. ;-)

Giver. Every Catio built enables support for my favorite non-profits found HERE.

Retired Technologist. 30 years of implementing, designing, supporting and selling technology that enabled the world to communicate: Phone systems, complex worldwide backbone networks, Wi-Fi, Video, ERP software, Internet…

‘Nuts’ Waterskier, light-duty Hiker and Biker, Gardener, Handyman, Father, Son, Brother, Friend…

Why choose
Catio Craftsman?

Perhaps the most important reason to partner with me: I genuinely care. It's that simple

Read what my other clients have to say about our shared experience HERE.

Michael Catio Craftsman And Tabby Cat Vancouver.jpg
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