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Diana Catio Vancouver Washington 2.jpg

Featured Catios

I’ve selected these showcase Catios for their uniqueness, purrrfect examples of 'when collaboration goes right!’ Despite the intense pressure of constant feline supervision and scrutiny, every one of my builds has proven to be Cat Tested, Cat Approved!

Cute Cat high up in Vancouver Catio.jpg

Sweet Retreat for Umi and Fen

The one that started it all: My first build, and the first-ever Vancouver, WA stop on the Portland, OR Catio Tour. This quaint catio is framed-in under an existing Patio Cover. Featuring multiple shelves and catwalks, including an integrated piece of driftwood, there are plenty of cat-napping spots in this shared space where owner and cats enjoy breezes and birdwatching together. 

Black Cat In Catio.jpg

Five Former Feral cats walk into a barn…

This project enabled Harry, Shadow, Mask, Frankie, and Milo to get back outside - safely! - after their move from an old barn on the farm to a house in the big city...Washougal, WA. The gang exits through a cat-door into a 16’ long double-decker tunnel to the catio; the 8’x10’ space includes a "human trap" double-door that allows visiting caretakers to conveniently enter and exit.

Fancy Washington Catio.jpeg

Camp Bella

There is over 50’ of catio tunnel in this East Vancouver, WA project - and none of it touches the ground! The two challenges here were (1) bridging the 16' span between the deck and the Tea Hut, and (2) identifying materials and a design that would integrate seamlessly with the existing Far East vibe.

Beautiful Catio Build.jpg

Branching Out

Alfie, Cole, Quinn and Lilly sure benefit from their owner's creativity - whom wanted to preserve a couple tree limbs from their  yard. Add a fishbowl, sleeping box, ramps, shelves and stairs and you’ve got a catiocopia of feline fun. To get there, the cats use a small door to enter the end of a kitchen cabinet, and then another door to the outside world and the catio!

Video Testimonials


Happy Cat In Professional Portland Catio.jpg

Sharon N.

"I could not be more pleased with my catio! Michael was so easy to communicate and collaborate with…" 

Green Eyed Cat

Pat M.

Michael consulted with us extensively on design, materials, and color to ensure that we would be pleased with the end result. Both we and our cats absolutely love it!

Portland Catio Craftsman 15.jpg

Kathy H.

I’m very, very happy with the Catio - Bella was lounging in the sun today. I appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness, plus it’s beautiful and awesome!

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