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#20: First Window Catio: How'd we do?

Hannah engaged the Craftsmen to build a modest window catio to entertain the cats she would soon be fostering for Furry Friends of Washington ( As we pondered designs and features during the consultation, she asked 'can you make it look like a doll house?' I did, in fact, pause before answering with an enthusiastic 'Yes!', despite not having a clue how we would make it happen. As always, we encountered challenges during the build - snow and ice storms was a new twist - one of which was a failed first pass at pink paint: It looked more like Calamine lotion than the Barbie/Bubblicious shade we desired...and achieved on the second mix.

Three levels, two covered balconies, one floor-to-ceiling rope-covered scratching/climbing pole, a staircase and several rooms should keep the cats and kittens amused during their foster time with Hannah. And this Doll (house) of a Catio will surrely provide some great backgrounds for adoption pics too, helping them find their furrever homes faster!

"It's the most adorable thing ever. If I saw that on someone else's house I would be soooo jealous. I'm so excited! I'm gonna just sit in my car staring at it for a week.😂"

Thank you, Hannah, for the opportunity to collaborate with you and stretch our creative zone in a new direction!


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