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Beautiful Catio With Elevated Tunnel.jpg

Catio Craftsman

Giving Your Cats The Safe And Stimulating

Environment They Deserve

Portland Catio Craftsman 15.jpg

Cats are constantly threatened by outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons. Dogs, and even other cats can be unfriendly, sadly.

As if the sights, sounds, and smells outside aren’t enough, bird-watching and ramp or pole climbing keep your cat engaged and healthfully active.

Catios protect birds and other small wildlife from Cats’ predatory instincts. Allow your cats to enjoy nature without endangering it.

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Check out examples of catios I've built in and around Portland and Vancouver to get inspired for your own catio build.


Happy Cat In Professional Portland Catio.jpg

Sharon N.

"I could not be more pleased with my catio! Michael was so easy to communicate and collaborate with…" 

Green Eyed Cat

Pat M.

"Michael consulted with us extensively on design, materials, and color to ensure that we would be pleased with the end result. Both we and our cats absolutely love it!"

Lake Oswego Catio.jpg

Lynne M.

"And again, THANK YOU!! We are really pleased with how it looks. As Wayne said, “this is nicer than my first apartment!😹"

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